Vintage US Army Gas Casualties First Aid Kit


Vintage US Army Gas Casualties first aid kit cigar humidor


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Limited edition Ammodor US Army Medical Division First Aid Kit for Gas Casualties cigar humidor. Built from a rare, metal, WWII era, repurposed US Army first aid kit for gas casualties container in great condition. Rated to hold 20-25 cigars (measured with Corona size 5.5″ x 42 ring gauge) – a great size for traveling.

Exterior features vivid original painted stencils. This unique “For Gas Casualties Only” version came out during 1943 (exact date of production unknown) and was a follow up to standard US Army First Aid Kit . After the gas attacks experienced during WWI, it was believed that chemical weapons would be used during WWII. These kits were issued on a 1:25 ratio, one kit per twenty five soldiers. They were usually stashed away in a holding bracket that was centrally located under a Jeep or Ford dashboard. Glued inside the lid was a paper contents list illustrating where each unit should be placed in the container, as well as some directions and recommendations related to First-Aid treatment.

The container is constructed of thick, solid steel – no cheap aluminum or tin here. It has a rubber gasket in the lid so it’s 100% air tight like Ammodors are famous for. Snap tight latches allow the lid swing open like a tradition humidor. A carry handle on the side makes it portable and travel friendly. Exterior measurements are around 9.5″ x 5″ x 2.75″. The interior is lined with high quality 1/4″ thick solid Spanish Cedar wood.

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The interior sides and bottom are lined with precision milled 1/4″ thick Spanish Cedar. It is the preferred lining for high-end humidors since it offers natural protection from tobacco worms and mold. Joints feature beautiful 45 degree angled cuts. The bottom exterior is lined with olive drab green felt to prevent your Ammodor from scratching any delicate table top surfaces.

All Ammodors are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized – they will not ruin your cigars with harmful odors! Learn more about our cleaning process.

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Ammodors believes in giving back to the men and women that put their lives on the line to protect our Country and our freedom. We make ongoing product and monetary donations to non-profit organizations such as Hope For The Warriors®, USO, Humidors For Heroes and many others.

Every Ammodor is handcrafted right here in the good ole USA. Nearly all of our vendors are local Veteran owned small businesses. We have a “green” manufacturing process and almost 100% of all waste from production is recycled or repurposed.

Photos included in this product listing are for representational purposes only – YOUR ACTUAL CONTAINER MAY VARY SLIGHTLY IN CONDITION AND APPEARANCE. The US Army First Aid Kit Ammodor is built using vintage metal first aid kit box. It is a genuine US military surplus container that has been previously used. Due to this fact, the outside of the can may have minor scratches, dings or light exterior rust. Frankly, we think this “character” and history is what makes Ammodors so cool! Ammodors are tough, combat tested and look bad ass! If you’re looking for a “pretty” little cigar humidor, look somewhere else.

BEWARE of cheap humidor knockoffs that have copied our products! Since 1998, Ammodors are the original ammo can humidor and are trademarked and patent pending. Imitators use inferior lumber instead of real Spanish Cedar, use cheap veneer instead of solid wood or have poor building techniques and crappy hardware. Learn more about what makes Ammodors different.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 6.75 × 3 in


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